Olive oil
the right way

High quality olive oil that is fresh,
honest & high in antioxidants

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Wanna know a secret?

Studies show that many olive oils that claim to be "extra virgin" are actually old, blended and rancid. Sneaky! So, we decided to do it better.

*in studies on extra virgin olive oil*

are not meeting the "extra virgin" standard
are low in health boosting antioxidants
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EVOO that
keeps it real

High quality extra-virgin olive oil that is fresh, honest & high in antioxidants

What we guarantee you

To give you the best EVOO



Whereas most supermarket olive oil is old, we always give you oil from the latest harvest


We embrace transparency and share as much info as possible about the quality and where it comes from


Our oils are high in healthy antioxidants and we lab-test every batch to ensure this

Us. vs Them

Not all olive oils are equal

OLV Limits
FreshNo, mixed with old oils
Free from pesticidesSometimes ...
Comes from 1 farmComes from 3+ countries
Honestly sourced
Lab-tested on quality
High in antioxidantsYes: up to 946 mg/kgNo: 100-200 mg/kg

I’m not mad at the industry. Just dissapointed.

After realizing that most olive oil in the supermarket is a lie, I decided to start my own olive oil company. My goal is to give everybody access to high-quality olive oil that is tasty, honest and healthy.

Sil Kreulen, Founder of OLV Limits

Olive oil and science

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Cough oil
Ever coughed after a sip of pure olive oil? That are polyphenols (antioxidants) tickling your throat!
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